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    Amateur Radio encompasses many different organizations, modes of operation and opportunities for the newly licensed ham. Whether you’re interested in digital modes, emergency preparedness, Morse code operation, civil emergency service, space weather and the effects on propagation, antenna designing and modeling, satellite operations, there is something for everyone. The links below are to direct you to web sites that will introduce you to this fascinating hobby.
   These links only scratch the surface of what’s available to you after you receive your license. The best part of our hobby is that it continues to expand and grow and is often the leading edge of technology.
ARRL.ORG        The Amateur Radio Relay League. Considered by many as the parent organization for amateur radio.
AMSAT.ORG         Launches and maintains the ham radio communities’ fleet of satellites.
ARES                   Amateur Radio Emergency Service
ARISS                  Amateur Radio on the International Space Station.
FISTS                  Dedicated to the preservation of morse code.
MARS                  Military Affiliate Radio System. A civil auxillary who assist the military with communications/
RACES                 Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services.
SKY WARN            A resource for storm spotters. Help relay vital information before and during weather disasters.
TARP                   Tuscon Amateur Radio Program. A club that focuses primarily on packet radio.

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