KL3MO adds new EchoLink and IRLP coverage in Kasayuli Sub.


KL3MO  has added both an EchoLink and IRLP to the existing APRS Gateway in Kasayuli Subdivision.  Both nodes are powered by a Nano Node with a full time IRLP/EchoLink connection. Both the EchoLink and IRLP node numbers are 7599.

EchoLink Node: 7599
IRLP Node: 7599
Input/Output frequency{Simplex}: 446.875 MHz
CTCSS Tone: 100 Hz
Power output: 50 watts
Radio: Kenwood TM-D710A {A-Side}
Antenna: Vertical, omni-directional, 7 dbi gain, at 25 feet
60.770333, -161.878167
N 60° 46.22 W 161° 52.69

In addition to the matched set of EchoLink/IRLP nodes KL3MO maintains a full time APRS Gateway on 144.39MHz {B-Side} buy generic viagra online india.

To initiate a call on IRLP simply key up and then enter the four digit node number you wish to connect to. For example, to call the Alaska Gateway key up and press “9109″. The node will announce that you are connected after about ten seconds. To disconnect key up and press “73″  To initiate a call on EchoLink prefix the node with a #  so to connect to AL7YK-R you would need to dial #14610.

00 Connect to 9100 Win System Reflector (9100)
01 Connect to BARK EchoLink (#14610)
02 Connect to BARK IRLP (3465)
09 Connect to Alaska Channel (9109)
Feature Codes:

4# Current Date and Time

5# Current Bethel Airport Weather
73 Disconnect from remote node

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This post was written by kl3mo on March 4, 2015

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