Using Autopatch

To use autopatch on the AL7YK repeater:

1. Key up (press your push to talk) button and then identify yourself.

2. Press your “*” key twice and then the phone number you are calling. The repeater will announce, “Dialing” and then repeat the number you entered.

3. Remember to press and hold you “#” key for three seconds to hang up.

4. Always identify yourself by call sign before placing a call and when you hang up.

Reverse Auto Patch Information

All Bethel area Hams have now been assigned a postfix number for the AL7YK repeater’s reverse auto-patch feature. To use the reverse-patch feature you:
1. Call 543-3919.
2. After two or three rings you’ll hear a beep. At this time enter the prefix number, 800, followed by the two digit postfix number and then press the pound button.
3. After entering the pound sign the caller will hear two ring tones that will be transmitted over the repeater. This will be followed by the announcement, “Call for KL2–”.
4 viagra on line. To answer the call, the Ham being called needs to key up and then press 800. The repeater will then announce that the call has been connected.
5. To end the call, key up and press the # key for three seconds and then identify yourself by call sign.
All calls are semi-private. This means the person on the phone can be heard by anyone listening to the repeater, but the ham connected to the caller will not be heard.Example of how to use the reverse auto patch……
Say KL2IU’s friend is trying reach him and knows he has his radio on. His friend calls 543-3919, waits for the  beep and then enters 80014#. The friend will hear the repeater transmit a couple of ring tones and then announce “Call for KL2IU”. To answer the call KL2IU keys up (pushes his push to talk button), identifys himself by call sign and then presses 800. At that time the repeater will announce “Call connected” and KL2IU and his friend can talk to each other. PLEASE REMEMBER to press the “#” key to disconnect after the call.

148 MHz Repeater

The AL7YK 2 meter repeater is a Vertex VXR-7000 with the following specifications:
Input frequency: 146.70 MHz
Output frequency: 146.10 MHz
CTCSS Tone: 114.8 Hz
Power output: 50 watts
Antenna: Vertical, omni-directional, 7 dbi gain, at 176 feet ABMSL
Coordinates: 60 47 33 NL/ 161 46 22 WL (NAD 83)Features:
-Echolink node # 14610
-Time, current weather, 5 day forecast and propagation report on demand
-Reverse autopatch
See the “Repeater Commands” document for specific operational instructions.
For a complete list of Alaska repeaters click here

440 MHz Repeater

The AL7YK 70 centimeter repeater is a Micro Node MN3000 with a full time IRLP connection. The IRLP node number is 3465 and the repeater has the following specs:
Input frequency: 449.10 MHz
Output frequency: 444.10 MHz
CTCSS Tone: 100 Hz
Power output: 80 watts
Antenna: Vertical, omni-directional, 7 dbi gain, at 215 feet
Coordinates: 60 47 33 NL/ 161 46 22 WL (NAD 83)

To initiate a call on IRLP simply key up and then enter the four digit node number you wish to connect to. For exampple, to call the Alaska Gateway key up and press “9070″. The node will announce that you are connected after about ten seconds. To disconnect key up and press “73″.

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