The club has traditionally held Technician licensing classes in April and November of each year.  The curriculum takes four days and lasts over the period of two weekends, four hours each day.  The next class dates will be posted on the main page of this website.  Contact Joe via email or at 543-0237 for information about future classes.

BARK uses the Gordon West textbooks for classes. The club has a limited supply of textbooks available or you can purchase textbooks in advance from W5YI Group at

The Power Point presentations used during class are available at the bottom of this page.

Online Practice Tests
The two links below, and, both offer excellent tests for all license classes.  Clicking on these links will take you directly to the online test pages. BARK strongly recommends that students take the online tests frequently to determine their comprehension of the material before the actual exam session Practice Practice Tests

Has The FCC Issued My License Yet?
The license database is updated every day at 0400 Alaska Standard Time. You can begin operating on air as soon as your license appears in the FCC’s ULS database.

To access FCC’s Amateur Radio Universal Licensing System Database Update, simply click here.

BARK Technician Class PowerPoint Presentations

These are the power point presentations used for classroom learning. These power points were updated for the 2010 Technician Class question pool.

1) About Ham Radio

2) Call Signs

3) Control

4) Mind the Rules

5) Tech Frequencies

6) Your First Radio

7) Going Solo

8. Repeaters

9) Emergency!

10) Weak Signal Propagation

11) Talk to Outer Space

12) Your Computer Goes Ham Digital

13) Multi Mode Radio Excitement

14) Run Some Interference Protection

15) Electrons Go With the Flow

16) It’s the Law, per Mr Ohm Ω

17) Picture This!

18) Antennas

19) Feed Me With Some Good Coax!

20) Safety First!

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