Bark Net Control Script

QST, QST, QST. The time is now 7:45 pm and the Bethel Amateur Radio Klub net is called to order. This is (your call), Net Control this evening. At this time any stations with Emergency or Priority traffic please call Net Control with your call sign, location and the nature of your emergency.

No emergency or priority traffic was heard.

The purpose of the BARK Net is to provide training in traffic handling and proper net procedure to radio amateurs in Bethel, Alaska. The net is carried over the AL1F repeater, and the repeater is connected to the EchoLink system. Following Bethel check-ins, we will be accepting check-ins from stations connected via EchoLink

At this time any stations in Bethel, Alaska please check-in with Net Control.

That concludes the local check-in portion of the net. At this time any stations connected via EchoLink wishing to check into the BARK Net, please call Net Control.

This concludes the Bark net for this evening. The BARK Net meets every Sunday evening at 7:45 pm Alaska time on the AL1F Repeater. The State-wide Linking Net will be available for check-ins on the 70 centimeter repeater at 8:30PM.

This is (your call) securing the Net and turning the repeater back to normal use.

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This post was written by Joe Seibert on June 6, 2015

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